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3 Point Training are Port Melbourne's leading personal trainers specialising in body composition and strength training. Our team of coaches is equipped with the knowledge and experience to ensure you achieve your fitness goals no matter where you are starting your journey from. 

Since we arrived in Port Melbourne our goal has been to create the premier 1:1 evidence based personal training studio in the area. We have worked very hard over the last few years to build a team of coaches that hold the same beliefs and values and create a training environment where everyone feels welcome.

Why is 3PT different?


What we know is that getting people results in the short term is easy and people can achieve that anywhere. We pride ourselves on setting our clients up for long term success through structured training and nutrition plans as well as ongoing client education.


Results come easy early in your training career but as you advance in your training, these results become harder and harder to achieve. This is why those who do group based training tends to get results early and then plateau. You may still be training hard but without making certain changes, progression will remain halted. This is where the expertise and attention from a 1:1 coach comes in and if you are looking for the most efficient path to the best results and then most importantly maintaining them LONG TERM then you've come to the right place. 


You will be matched with a coach that best suits your needs and goals and as part of your coaching you will receive:

  • FREE initial health & exercise screening to ensure your coach has all the information they need to design your plan

  • Weekly PT sessions with your very own coach 

  • Personalised programming to ensure you have the best chance of success as well as return to training in a safe and sustainable manner.

  • Personalised nutrition consulting to compliment your training.

  • Weekly check ins to ensure you're on track to achieve your goals

  • 24/7 coach support 

  • Access to 3PT online coaching group where you have access to plenty of educational content from all our coaches.

  • Subscription to the 3PT weekly email so you can stay up to date with all the latest at 3PT

  • Discounted gym membership so you can use the gym outside your work with a coach (optional)! Only $15.95 p/w

  • FREE access to all 3PT workshops during the year

At 3PT we believe in strong client/coach relationships and this begins from your first encounter. For that reason, we offer FREE consultations so you have the chance to sit down with your coach in a neutral, non pressured environment to discuss what you aim to get from coaching. No pushy sales tactics, no hidden agendas, rather a genuine conversation where you can be completely transparent about what you want. 

The reason we do all this is because we want to be sure that clients who begin training have a clear understanding of what they can expect from working with us BEFORE they buy.  To book your consult, simply fill out the contact form and a coach will be in touch soon.



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Busy mum Kylie has become stronger than ever and changed her physique in the process

“Best place to train! These guys know their stuff & have created a supportive, welcoming & encouraging place”


Steve lost 12kg and got in the best shape of his life

Over 8 months Steve lost 12kg to reveal a very impressive physique. Steve was already an extremely hard worker in the gym and when this was complimented with some guided training and nutrition from his 3PT coach he was able to achieve an incredible result. 


Emma dramatically changed her body composition in 15 weeks with 3PT

Over 15 weeks Emma lost 4kg with a 3PT coach and as you can see, made some significant changes to her  body composition. 

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Maria has completely changed her physique with coach Ryan.

“I honestly love it here! Walking into a new gym (or being a first timer) can be so intimidating sometimes, and this is such a lovely environment. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The trainers never fail to say hi when you walk through the door”.