Tiff Finnen

Over 8 months Tiffany achieved her goal of competing in her first fitness show. She dropped 10kg over 8 months through regular and consistent resistance training and following a personalised nutrition plan. She showed huge levels of commitment to achieve this goal and she was rewarded with multiple placings and even an Overall Female Physique award. 


Emma Attard

Emma completed the 3PT 15 Week Female Hypertrophy Program. As you can see, Emma made significant changes to her body composition as well as increasing her strength across many of her lifts.


Mitz Metaxas

Mitz is one of the hardest workers you'll ever meet. At only 18, Mitz can squat and deadlift 200+ kg and this was the result of a 12 week cut where he lost 8kg.


Steve Heppell

Steve once again was able to show great commitment to following the process set out by his coach. He completed resistance training 4-5 days per week as well as a nutrition intervention personalised for him. Over this time he dropped 12kg to reveal a great physique at the end of it all. 


Danni Durrant

Danni is another once of the hardest workers in the gym. She already had a great physique but through coaching with 3PT she was able to take this to another level.


Mel McGorum

Mel was able to lose 5kg from some simple lifestyle changes. Focussing on eating whole foods, prioritising protein and vegetable intake as well as 3 resistance training sessions per week made for a great transformation by Mel


Chris Roe

Over 7 months Chris was able to make some considerable changes to his body composition. This was a result of 5 months in a surplus and 3 sessions per week building muscle. From there he underwent a 2 month fat loss phase to reveal a whole new physique.


Nik Amourgis

In 6 months Nik was able to add some significant muscle mass under coach Matt Hanson. Consistent training and some simple but effective changes to his nutrition produced big results.


Tennaia Knight

Would you believe Tennaia actually weighs more in the left picture? Tennaia completely changed her body composition over the course of 18 months. She is now on the path to competing in her first physique show.


Jess Robinson

This is Jess 2 months into her cut for her first physique competition. Here she is 5kg down once again from consistent resistance training and following her nutrition.