Peri Peri Chicken

Super easy to make and tastes great. This the perfect lunch time meal at work that can be prepared in 5 minutes before you leave the house.

Calories = 560

Protein = 64g

*Calories and macros subject to changed based on toppings*


  • 200g Cooked chicken

  • 80g Coles mixed salad

  • 75g Kale slaw salad kit

  • 10g Goats cheese

  • 70g Cherry tomatoes

  • 75g Baby cucumber

  • 20g Nandos peri peri

  • 1 Tbsp Italian salad dressing


  • Place a bed of mixed salad and kale slaw

  • Add tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and chicken

  • Add dressing and peri peri sauce

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