3 Point Training is a coaching service founded by owners and coaches Will and Matt Hanson in 2016. In it's infancy, the goal of 3PT was to bring a product that addressed all the important areas associated with change. We wanted to take it further than just 'training sessions'. This approach allowed us to not only help our clients achieve great results but also build strong client, coach relationships. 


We strongly believed in continuing to upskill so we can provide our clients with the highest quality coaching. Very early on we were introduced to JPS Health and Fitness and owner Jacob Schepis who opened our eyes to the evidence based coaching community. Being mentored and coached through JPS was a game changer for us and took our coaching to a whole new level and this was reflected in our clients results.

Our passion for the industry and the clients grows every year. We will do everything we can to continue to give people a better quality of life. With the huge influx of ' mis guided information' and 'coaches looking to make a quick buck' in the industry, our ultimate goal is to provide a proven service that instils life long change using the least intrusive methods we can.