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3PT aims to bring an evidence based coaching service to the forefront of the health and fitness community.  What is evidence based coaching you may ask. Evidence based coaching is an intertwining of EVIDENCE & RESEARCH, COACHES EXPERIENCE and CLIENT NEEDS to bring a service based on education and reason.

Keeping up to date on the latest research and evidence is imperative to ensure our clients are getting access to the most effective training available to them. With the plethora of information getting released it's important that we are able to apply critical thinking and remove any bias in the interpretation of this research so it can be integrated in coaching effectively. Whilst research is an important tool, there is only so much we can extract from it and the coaches ability to be able to draw from their own application of practice is something we pride ourselves on. This anecdotal evidence a coach builds through experience is invaluable. Finally the clients needs! This is an area in which 3PT has alway prided itself on. The needs values and preferences of a client all need to be addressed when implementing an effective health intervention. At 3PT you are treated as a human first and our own agenda is never put before yours, something that is missing far too much in today's industry.

What differentiates us and those part of the evidence based community is that everything we do has an educated reason and explanation behind it, nothing is ever random.