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Refer, share and review in June for your chance to win $500 worth of coaching

For the month of June 3PT will be running an in house competition with our biggest prize to date. The winner will be the one with the most points come the 1st of July with the prize being $500 worth of coaching.

Second prize is $100 3PS voucher and if you claim any points at all you'll be in the running to win this. 


The points system is as follows:

100 Points - Referring a new coaching client (1:1 or 2:1 and must sign up for coaching). Please pass their contact details to your coach first and if they don't have spots then the coach can assign to another coach. They will also be given the first session free

75 Points - Referring a new gym member (must join). Please pass their details to Matt or Will.

50 Points - Sharing the new client prize graphic on Instagram or Facebook (can be claimed up to 2 times)

50 Points - Leave a Google Review (If you have already submitted in 2022 then this will be counted otherwise please submit another to be eligible)

To make getting referrals easier for you guys anyone that joins 3PT in the month of June will go into the running to also win $500 worth of PT. So that's $500 for the current 3PT client with the most points and $500 for one lucky new 3PT client in the month of June. 

To claim your points there will be QR codes around the gym or click here