Our Group Physique Coaching combines the best of personalised programming with coach contact at important check points at a very affordable price!


Price: $180-225

Depending on the length of your program

3 Point Training are Port Melbourne's leading personal trainersWe deliver results through our evidence based and highly personalised approach to coaching. We specialise in improving body composition and strength and cater to beginners all the way up to elite strength and physique athletes.


Our Group Physique Coaching Program is a super exciting concept and great value for money.  If your looking for an extremely effective training  program with in depth checkins at the end of each training block  then this is for you. Simply pick one of the programs below and the process will be as follows

  • Upon purchase you will fill out our pre exercise screening. This will be sent to a 3PT coach who will asses it and then adjust your program template so it's personalised to you.

  • Within 24 hours of purchasing your program, your coach will be in touch to book your first Zoom consult. In this 30 minute consult you will go over all the ins and outs of the program as well as finalise your starting training and nutrition depending on your goals.

  • From there you will have everything you need to get stuck into your program. At the end of each training block you will fill out a block check in that will be sent to your coach. This along with the data in your google sheets will be assessed in Zoom check ins with your coach. These check ins allow you to touch base with your coach, get instructions for your next block and have technique assessed. These will happen at the end of blocks 1 and 2 with a 'final wrap up' check in at the end of the program.

Key Features​​

Personalised programming 

Nutrition coaching for muscle gain or fat loss

4 x Video Check ins which include technique assessment.

Full instructional videos included throughout the program

Full nutrition tracking sheet for muscle gain and fat loss

Complete User Guide so you know exactly how to navigate the program

Access to 3PT Facebook Coaching Group

Price: $225 
Price: $180
Price: $225 
Price: $180
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Coming Soon


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