10 Reasons You're Not Losing Fat

With a plethora of information regarding fat loss being produced everyday it's hard to sort the good from the bad. This means developing a fat loss plan can become difficult for the uninformed.  For this reason we have put together a report on the top 10 reasons people become unstuck with their fat loss and how to address them

The Basics Of Nutrition

Nutrition is vital of we are looking to improve health and body composition and what you'll find is that having a good understanding of the basics of nutrition will serve you very well. This document is designed to give you these basics and stop people getting caught up in the fads and quick fixes of the fitness industry.

3PT Quick & Easy Meals

With life being super busy these days it's often our nutrition that takes a back seat. 3PT brings to you a selection of quick and easy meals that can be produced very quickly and have great nutritional value.


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