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At 3 Point Training we pride ourselves on ensuring we deliver a comprehensive and evidence based coaching service designed to get our clients from A - B in the least intrusive way possible. Within the walls of our private facility, our expert coaches are here to provide highly personalised 1:1 coaching to suit your needs as well as educate on the important ins and outs of training, nutrition and lifestyle to ensure you are able to make long term and sustainable change. 

At 3PT we believe in strong client/coach relationships and this begins from your first encounter. For that reason, we offer FREE consultations so you have the chance to sit down with your coach in a neutral, non pressured environment to discuss what you aim to get from coaching. No pushy sales tactics, no hidden agendas, rather a genuine conversation where you can be completely transparent about what you want. 

The 30 minutes consult essentially has 2 parts:

First is the Client Needs Assessment where you will outline

  • Your ultimate goals that you want to get out of your training

  • Current training and nutrition status

  • Your previous training history going into depth of whats worked well in the past and what not so well.

  • Your previous dieting history, again looking at whats been successful

  • Any injuries or other factors a coach will need to consider when devising your plan

  • Your current life status and how this will need to be considered when incorporating the changes needed to achieve your goal

After this the coach will outline:

  • What we do at 3PT and how we can apply the proven principles of training and nutrition to help achieve your goals

  • Any postural and physical assessments we deem necessary at the time 

  • What may be currently holding you back from achieving your goals and how we can help address these

  • A basic outline of what needs to be put on place to achieve your goals in your given time frame

  • The training package we think will be the most appropriate for you to achieve you goal.

  • NO BIG PROMISES. We assure you that we will be fully transparent about what you can expect to achieve. Whilst we would never discourage big goals, many coaches fail to inform clients the sacrifice needed to achieve this. We make sure that your expectations and the amount your willing to change align.

The reason we do all this is because we want to be sure that clients who begin training have a clear understanding of what they can expect from working with us BEFORE they buy.  To book your consult, simply fill out the form and a coach will be in touch soon.

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Over 8 months Tiffany achieved her goal of competing in her first fitness show. She dropped 10kg over 8 months through regular and consistent resistance training and following a personalised nutrition plan. She showed huge levels of commitment to achieve this goal and she was rewarded with multiple placings and even an Overall Female Physique award. 


Steve once again was able to show great commitment to following the process set out by his coach. He completed resistance training 4-5 days per week as well as a nutrition intervention personalised for him. Over this time he dropped 12kg to reveal a great physique at the end of it all.