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Matt from 3PT has been my personal trainer for the past 3 months and I'm extremely happy with the results so far. Both Matt and Will are professional in their training methods as well as interpersonal rapport. In 3 months I've gone from lazy, unmotivated and out of shape to what I can describe as energetic, motivated, the best shape of my life and astounded by the physical strength they're helping me gain weekly. The great part of becoming healthy through their program is not just the physical aspect but also the mental. I feel happier than I've been in a long time and it's because their fitness routines and personal training support are creating a healthier body. Matt and Will also provided a dietary consumption plan which helped me eat healthier and aide in the loss of weight and addition of muscle. If you're young or old, male or female, big or small, then I'm sure the guys at 3PT can provide a comprehensive health & fitness training plan tailored to your needs.​

- Steve Cuthbert




Just a few months ago I'd only be getting up early for a holiday if my alarm went off at a gruelling 4:45am and now I jump out of bed at that time to train. I have turned my whole life around and my mindset and I have never felt better. Seeing my progression in strength and training results is the best feeling in the world and it motivates me to become even better and train harder. I'm so touched by my clients and friends who have said I'm their inspiration. I have gained so much knowledge about training and nutrition and it's only the start. Massive shout out to Will at 3PT! I'm very excited for even bigger and better things and if you want serious results these are the guys to see.

- Kat Dart





​Will takes the time to get to know you and your fitness goals and needs. He's also great with rehab work and has been working closely with my chiropractor and myself to adapt a program to improve my wellbeing.
As a trainer he knows his stuff is personable and has me laughing and not feeling like the time has dragged. Most PT sessions with him I end up wondering why the time has gone so fast. Will is also great with any feedback that I have on his programs etc. He is always looking for more innovative ways to improve his offering.

- Elliot White 

I started weekly PT sessions with Matt last year and have had nothing but success! His knowledge and training makes the sessions challenging and you always leave feeling like you have progressed! He not only looks into your fitness but takes into account your diet and work/life balance! 
I am sad to leave due to relocation of work but will highly recommend anyone looking for a change and motivation to see Matt at 3PT

- Jess Mclure

I’ve been training with Matt for the past few months and couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. As a beginner, Matt really helped me getting through the basics and getting over the initial fear and anxiousness of stepping into the gym. His continuous support has been essential in keeping me motivated to reach my goals and being healthier altogether. The semi-private sessions are a great affordable way to get training and honestly is the only way I could afford to train with a personal trainer. I can highly recommend 3PT to anyone looking to improve their long-term physical and mental wellbeing.

- Felipe Ballaben


Over the last few months I've undergone weekly training with Matt through 3PT. His guidance and well-structured program gave me the tools I need to see a real difference, while his approachable and friendly style gave me the motivation I needed to keep at it week by week. It's clear that Matt is passionate and great at what he does and I'd highly recommend his service to anyone looking to start or continue their own fitness journey!

- Max Jolley

Massive thank you to Matt for working with me these past few months it’s been a great learning experience for me even got that bodyweight chin up in today which I never thought I’d be able to do!  Such a good teacher/PT and I will definitely take away all the wee tips! Always get a buzz after training with Matt you’re so good at what u do! Thank you to Will as well for starting with me, best of luck with the rest of your business I will certainly recommend the online training to my friends back home!!  Thanks guys and take care! 

- Shauna Polly


I've tried so many different programs and so many fad diets, fluctuated in weight rapidly, but I'd never even experienced diet and training stability and consistency until I started with 3 point training (Will). Genuinely phenomenal training and guidance. Very caring and personal as well. Can not recommend highly enough, serious value for money.

- Fred Rubinstein

Quality personal training with a very straight forward and balanced nutritional plan to make sure the hard work in the gym doesn't go to waste. I love Will's commitment to helping and motivating me to reach the goals he thinks I can achieve. 3PT is 10/10 and I will be recommending to all my mates! The wife thanks you for the new rig too!


- Lockie Nailer

Highly recommend 3pt! They go above and beyond to help you create a better life for yourself through their work. 11/10 stars

- Steven Heppel

Exceptional knowledge shown not only when training others but in their own everyday lives! If your serious about learning and increasing your fitness this is the crew for you!

- Lachy Barnes

Very happy with the advice I received, would happily go back.

I'll be recommending this to everyone!

- Michael Flanagan


Awesome people helping other people be awesome. Recommend, 10/10

- Will Smyth


Knowledgeable and evidence backed excellence

- Isaac Pinnington

Friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. I highly recommend the 3 Point Training team

- Zack Colgrave





​Will goes above and beyond in helping me to keep striving my overall fitness and lifestyle goals. I've been involved with a few trainers but 3 point are the best I've had to date. Will can accommodate for the fact I don't have a lot of time being a single father of 2 with a full time job and still offers a program that suits my needs whilst keeping me striving for my goals. I wouldn't go anywhere else now

- Liam Jarvis 




Love the 3PT group - they make everyone feel welcome and the training is spot on! These guys know their stuff and cater for all ages. Everyone is encouraging and lots of friends have been made. Drop in to see the gang - it is a 5/5 from me!

- Kate Smith

Matt has completely transformed the way we perceive and experience personal training, exercise and wellbeing. Before we signed up, our previous PT would run us into the ground each session - so we were just stuffed each week, without seeing any progress in strength or weight, and we definitely didn’t get any nutrition advice! There is such a big difference with Matt and 3PT Training. We’ve been with Matt for almost a year now because it’s completely sustainable and we’re the fittest we’ve ever been! He helped us reach our weight goals in just a few months and we’ve been maintaining it since. Now we just love working towards new levels of strength and fitness with our customised program - and Matt always keeps us challenged! His coaching is super personable, insightful and supportive - his advice is really practical and the weekly check-ins keep us connected and consistently working towards our personal goals. Can’t recommend Matt and 3PT Training enough!

- Emily and Jono




I love coming here! I have never felt more comfortable in a gym before. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and i know that i am in safe hands. They build great relationships with us all.The clients are all so friendly to eachother which just adds to the fun of working out with 3 Point Training. I can't recommend training here enough. The best thing i have done for myself

- Debra Cavallaro




I've been training with Matt of 3 Point Training for close to two years now and can attest to his commitment, expertise and diligence as a coach. He takes a methodical approach to my program and somehow always strikes the right balance of pushing me to my best and not to the point of failure. He's reliable, knowledgeable and knows that results - which I'm seeing! - take time. I can wholeheartedly recommend him

- Brian Barry




I started training with Matt 6 months ago to get fit for my wedding. His program was excellent, advice on my diet was on point, and he helped me achieve and exceed my goals. I've continue to train with his program long after the wedding, am fitter than I've ever been and couldn't be happier. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

- Andrew Woodley




I've been training with Matt for just under a year in the semi private sessions. It's perfect as I get the structure of a great workout and the one on one focus, whilst still getting things done on my own. Matt also makes me a training plan for in between sessions so that I can keep motivated.

- Steph Davidson




Such a wonderful, friendly and fun environment to train in. I always look forward to my sessions and come away feeling motivated go start the day! Awesome team of trainers (Will, Matt, Frank and Jess) who genuinely want the best for their clients and for them to achieve their personal goals. Love training here!

- Tara Hill




I highly recommend 3PT. When I first started with them I didn’t even know how half of the gym equipment worked, but now feel comfortable using all of it (thanks to their patience and guidance!). They have all the knowledge and skills you need to help you achieve your workout goals - it’s always great training in such a friendly and fun environment.

- Luke Davidson


3 Point Training is a highly professional and specialist training studio whose trainers possess a high level of skill and knowledge as to fitness, training and nutrition. I have been training with 3 PT's training coach, Frank since 2015 and the results and health benefits to date have been truly life-changing. I would definitely recommend 3 Point Training in Port Melbourne for your fitness and training needs. Keep up the great work guys!

- Alex Di Blasi




I have never been an avid gym goer ... until I started training with these guys! I genuinely look forward to my sessions every week. Training with Will is so easy and he makes the sessions fun! I highly recommend 3PT :D


- Sarah Taylor




3PT is a great place to train - Will is an awesome trainer with extensive knowledge and a friendly nature... the seriously well formulated exercise & nutrition tracking toolkit they provide is a bonus. I highly recommend these guys!

- Tiffany Finnen


I have been training with Matt for over a year and couldn't be happier with the results. Since starting I have been able to hit my target weight while building strength and muscle. More importantly though, Matt has provided a sustainable and enjoyable approach to health and well-being which I believe has set me up for the long term. The training schedule provides structure but is also flexible and diverse enough to keep you interested and challenged. There's no old-school mentality of "work out till you drop" but a more measured and realistic approach that emphasises small progressive increments. And before you know it, you're well on your way towards hitting all of your health goals! Thanks Matt, looking forward to a great year.

- Jono Bogatin




Would highly recommend 3PT for personal training. Will, Frank, Jess and of course Bruno all make you feel welcome, informed and focused on your training, ok maybe Bruno wants you to focus on him😀 I really enjoy the workouts, its challenges, its pain and most of all its outcomes - muscles, toning and strength. Can’t fault Will and the team in their dedication, knowledge and professionalism. 👍👍👍

- John Rutkowski




Really great experience. The trainers are really great at motivation and encouragement. After a few weeks o could notice a major difference in my strengths and over all health. Thanks so much!!

- Kelly Binder


Before 3 Point Training I had never been inside a gym before. I was always interested but felt very intimidated and overwhelmed. I decided to take the plunge when my local gym had a membership sale and I employed the services of 3 Point Training.

I never thought I could get to where I am now. I am confident and comfortable being in the gym and love training. Matt is a excellent motivator and always helpful, encouraging and is extremely knowledgeable.

I can't thank him enough, the training and support has been amazing and I can't recommend them higher.

- David Neimann




The team and fellow gym attendees are all fit and fabulous people. The location is awesome, I have glimpses of the bay as I walk along to start my day at 3 Point Training. Can't help smiling as I carry coffee in one hand and my gym gloves in the other. More importantly we have a new member that has joined that is sooooo cute you have to come along and check out who this is.

- Veronica Q





Super excited to be training with these guys and gal in Port Melbourne.
Their Knowledge and friendly approach makes for a great place to train. A place for everyone.
Highly recommended them.

- Danah Jacobs



Best place to train! These guys know their stuff & have created a supportive, welcoming & encouraging place.

- Kylie Sanfilippo




Matt is an amazing trainer!!! He has helped achieve, and continue to achieve my fitness goals 😁

- Shareef Isolar



Loving training with the 3PT team in Port Melbourne

- Di Gillett