Join our team of athletes guided by expert coaches on their way to the stage!


Price: $69 - $187 p/w 

3PT offers comp prep coaching both in person & online. Our evidence based approach to coaching means our athletes are set for success not only during the prep but also post competition. Prep can be one of the most rewarding but challenges experiences you'll ever have and our team of expert coaches are here to guide you all the way. To work with us, get in touch today!

  • FREE initial health & exercise screening/planning session to ensure your coach has all the information they need to design your prep

  • Weekly PT sessions with your specialised prep coach 

  • Development and close monitoring of prep specific training and nutrition plans

  • In depth weekly/bi weekly checkins to ensure you're on track.

  • 24/7 coach support 

  • Comp day(s) coaching included

  • Access to 3PT online coaching group where you have access to plenty of educational content from all our coaches.

  • Discounted gym membership so you can use the gym outside your work with a coach (optional)! Only $9.95 p/w

  • FREE access to all 3PT workshops during the year

  • Post comp coaching to ensure you exit the competition in the best way possible!

Tiffany Finnen

"Couldn't recommend my prep coach Will Hanson more highly. My overall comp prep experience has been amazing and the knowledge I have obtained of my body, nutrition and training is a true reflection of the sustainable training approach 3 Point Training take".

- 1 x ICN Overall Champion

- 4 x ICN 1st Place

- 3 x ICN 2nd Place

- 2 x ICN 4th Place

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