8 Month Workout Packages

Three Point Training is Your Best Local Gym For Quality Private Coaching And Progressive Change.

If you are looking for the best local gym, check us out at 3PT. We offer many options for people who want to improve their form and have access to the best equipment and trainers. Come in soon to find out why we stand out and how our personal trainers can help you achieve the physical fitness results you have been striving for.
Our 8 month workout packages are a great option for someone who is serious about making big and healthy changes to their appearance and health in the span of 8 months. You will receive one on one coaching that is evidence-based and personalized. The regime will be effective but no more than you can handle. If you want to invest in your body, your future, and your overall health contact us about our 8 month workout package. You can be transformed within the year and change your workout knowledge so you can continue to condition and sculpt without a trainer by next summer. You will first receive a free initial health and exercise screening so your personal coach can formulate a personalized plan for you over the next 8 months. If you want personal one on one care, motivation, and real results that last come to the best local gym, come to 3PT and learn more about our 8 month workout packages and more. Call today, we have at home virtual sessions available as well to keep you motivated when you can not get to the gym in person.