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Lockdown 2.0 is beginning to ease and from September 28th outdoor personal training will resume once again.  


This means our 3PT coaches are now offering 1:1 and 2:1 outdoor personal training sessions in Port Melbourne. To celebrate we are running PT special to kick things off. This will include

  • 50% OFF your first session!

  • Access to our Return To Gym Special once gyms open (you save twice!!)


The idea behind these sessions is to closely match then what we do in our studio as best we can. Our 5 coaches have a large range of equipment and the basic training and nutrition principles we use to get people results still apply even outdoors. Therefore we can DEFINITELY kickstart your results heading into summer.


These will be strength and hypertrophy based sessions so if you're sick of body weight HIIT sessions then we have you covered!


Outdoor training last lockdown was extremely effective for our clients and if you're simply waiting for gyms to return we highly recommend you re consider. Whilst dates have been set, we really don't know how long it will be before we can get back into gyms so don't put off getting your training started. Clients who trained last lockdown:

  • Continued to make great progress in their strength and physique goals. Remember, training is only half the equation and we will assist with your nutrition also.

  • Had a much smoother transition back into the gym

  • Were the least likely to develop injuries and niggles from long periods of not training during lockdown

We aren't just here for this outdoor period either! We are committed to getting you results and therefore are looking for clients who are ready to start training and continue with us in our studio once we can open. As mentioned you'll have first access to our return to gyms special which will include HUGE discounts on PT and memberships.


The days are getting longer and warmer and we know how much everyone has been missing their training. Do yourself a favour get stuck into some outdoor training with 3PT. 


If your interested in chatting further about outdoor personal training then fill out your contact details and we will be in touch.

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Tiff Finnen

Over 8 months Tiffany achieved her goal of competing in her first fitness show. She dropped 10kg over 8 months through regular and consistent resistance training and following a personalised nutrition plan. She showed huge levels of commitment to achieve this goal and she was rewarded with multiple placings and even an Overall Female Physique award. 


Emma Attard

Emma completed the 3PT 15 Week Female Hypertrophy Program. As you can see, Emma made significant changes to her body composition as well as increasing her strength across many of her lifts.


Mitz Metaxas

Mitz is one of the hardest workers you'll ever meet. At only 18, Mitz can squat and deadlift 200+ kg and this was the result of a 12 week cut where he lost 8kg.


Steve Heppell

Steve once again was able to show great commitment to following the process set out by his coach. He completed resistance training 4-5 days per week as well as a nutrition intervention personalised for him. Over this time he dropped 12kg to reveal a great physique at the end of it all. 


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