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3PT Online is an online body composition and strength program for beginners all the way to advanced gym goers. By joining 3PT Online you will have access evidence based coaching from our team of 3PT coaches for low weekly rate of only $9.95.

About The Coaching

Within 3PT Online we have developed a coaching system that takes the principles we use in our 1:1 coaching and apply it to many. Within this coaching you will receive 5 week training blocks through Google Sheets. You'll have the ability to choose between 3, 4 and 5 day splits and also make exercise swaps before you begin. At the end of each block, you'll be delivered the next 5 weeks. You'll have access to a full exercise demo library along with instructional videos on how to use your program.

When joining you'll be given access to a full range of nutrition templates for any goal along with a huge number of informative nutrition videos and resources. This means no matter what you're goal you will have the nutritional approach required to guide you there. 



Each fortnight there will be a live Q&A with a 3PT coach in the private Facebook group to answer all your questions. This group can also be used to have your form checked during exercises 


As touched on above, you'll have access to a library full of informative content about all things training and nutrition as well as ongoing access to 3PT coaches. By spending time in this group you will learn a lot new skills and skills that will  carry you for life. 

Below we have two options for the program. The weekly subscription has no lock in contracts and if you choose to pay 12 months in full you'll save $115!

Whats Included

Evidence based programming with male and female options.  Programs come in 3, 4 and 5 day splits and has a hypertrophy and body composition focus. 

Programs are customisable with ability to make exercise swaps and come with a full exercise library so you'll never be left guessing on whats in your program.

Access to a number of nutrition templates including 15 week fat loss, 15 week gain, 6 month fat loss, 6 month gain, mini cut and more! This will be accompanied with a library of educational nutrition content including our 3PT Nutrition Guide which is exclusively given to 3PT clients only

Access to 3PT Online private Facebook group where there will be a fortnightly Q&A with 3PT coaches, ability to have form checks, educational content as well as ongoing support.

Monthly workshops which will be recorded and posted in the group.

No lock in contracts!